Extra Wide Roller Blinds

Code: CB DE

We have a range of extra wide width fabrics, unlike a lot of large blinds which are achieved by turning a standard width fabric on its side, these fabrics have been manufactured on roll widths of 2.8m and 3.0m wide, so please can be made 3000mm wide x 5000mm drop with joins and without curling,

We can use a slightly larger hardware - " The award wining Louvolite 45 system ' this prevents any sagging or bouncing during operation.

Motorised options are also available 

If you need blinds wider than 3m we can supply Vertical blinds up to 5m wide and Panel blinds up to 5.2m wide or Easy-Rise Duette bllinds up to 3.6m wide.


Extra Wide Roller Blinds

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Fabric Width 3000mm

Daybreak fabric is a plain translucent fabric / 100% Polyester / UV Block 94% / Flame Retardant / Price code B

Sunset Blackout

Fabric Width 3000mm

Sunset fabric is a plain 100% blackout fabric / 100% polyester / UV Block 100% / Flame Retardant / White backing / price code D


Fabric Width 3000mm

Oslo is a textured open weave transparent fabric / 100% polyester / Flame Retardant / UV Block 88% / Price Code D


Dimension Magic Screen fabric

Roll width 3000mm -   235g/m2  -  Openness 5%  - UV block 98%

*Please note that preciseness of colour cannot be guaranteed as this depends on the screen settings of your computer.

Product Spec

  • Fully Bespoke Made to measured.
  • Easy fit universal brackets suitable for top, side and face fitting
  • Maximum width 3020mm, maximum drop 5000mm
  • Minimum width 250mm, minimum drop 250mm
  • Strong rust free 40mm aluminium roller tube 
  • Precision sidewinder control with nickel operating chain located to your specification
  • Cassette Option
  • Motorisation options 
  • 5-6 day lead time 

How to Measure

Measuring for inside a Recess

First ensure that the recess your blind is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely.
Look out for protruding tiles, pipes, skirting boards etc.

Measure at the top, middle and bottom of the window recess and note down the smallest measurements to the nearest millimetre, this is the recess size.

We will make your blind smaller to fit into the recess.

There is no need for you to make any adjustments we do this in production THIS IS CALLED RECESS SIZE

Your Blind will arrive about 5-10mm smaller, so it hangs freely and fits perfect within the recess

All Fabric Blinds will have a narrower fabric width than the total blind size ordered. This is to accommodate the side controls and brackets etc.
This applies to both recess and exact sizes.  For Roller Blinds this can be up to -35mm  

Measuring for outside a recess or Exact


Decide how much you want to overlap the blind on all sides - we recommend this should be at least 50mm (2 inches) each side in most instances.
or the exact size you want the blind to be, if fitting inside a recess

Carefully measure the at the top, middle and bottom for the width and the left, right and middle for the drop

on roller blinds and some shades ( Facette, Silhouette, Multishade etc ) the fabric will be less than the overall width of the blind/sizes given, so you must allow for this.

We will make your blind to your exact sizes.
The product in its brackets is supplied exactly to the size that has been ordered. THIS IS CALLED EXACT SIZE
Subject to the normal manufactures working +/- tolerances


In Short - Recess we make the allowance - Exact you make the allowance


In Compliance with Child Safety Laws EN13120 - Blinds with cord or chains will be less than or equal to 1000mm, this is for blinds up to 2500mm drop. For blinds with a drop greater than 2500mm the control length will be less or equal to the drop of the blind minus 1500mm. If you supply us with the installation height the distance from the floor to the end of the control will be 1500mm off the floor. 

Measuring for Bay Window

  1. Determine the depth of the blinds you are mounting and use this for the width of your cardboard:
    Contact us for Blind depths.
  2. Cut two pieces of cardboard (depth determined from 1 above) wide by 30cm (12") long.
    Important: If spacer blocks or extension brackets will be used for extra clearance on outside mounts, add the amount of extra clearance to the width dimension of the cardboard before measuring.
  3. Place the strips in the left angle first, and bring them together until the front corners of the cardboard meet. Mark points "A" and "B".
  4. Repeat this step for the right side angle, marking points "C" and "D".
  5. Measure between points "B" and "C" to obtain the width measurement of the center blind.
  6. Measure from point "A" outward to the desired width to obtain the width measurement of the left blind.
  7. Measure from point "D" outward to the desired width to obtain the width measurement of the right blind.
  8. Deduct about 5mm from each of your measurements to allow for clearance, and order Exact


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