Day & Night Blinds

Flexible light control
Day and Night Blinds are an amazing stylish and simple way to control light and privacy at any time day or night
Effortlessly slide two stylish fabrics past each other in a open, half or complletely closed position to create the perfect look for your window, your mood and your home 

  • CB Value

    • CB Value Day & Night Shade
      CB Value the most competitive range of window blinds online today.
      A small selected range of the most popular fabrics and options selling at prices 75% below the true RRP.
  • CB Premier Blinds

    • CB Duorol Blinds
      When something's cheap it doesn't necessarily mean its good value for money.
      Our CB Premier brand may cost a little more, but you'll find the best quality fabrics & timbers along with the very highest quality components so no nasty surprises.
  • Louvolite

    • Louvolite Vision Blinds
      Louvolite is the premiere destination for the very best in stylish fabrics for window blinds. Recognised as a leading supplier of innovative and high quality window blinds products, Louvolite is proud to design and manufacture in the UK.