DuoRol Vision Twist Facette Night & Day

A Revolutionary style of light and privacy control

Soft fabrics for subtle light control. Dreamy mornings and lazy afternoons are what our idea of what a home should be.
So being able to simply pull open the shades to read a magazine or enjoy the garden, or pull them the other way for a bit more privacy. Its subtle changes like these that make the home such a gentle and relaxing place.
Light changes everything

  • CB Value

    • CB Value Day & Night Shade
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  • CB Premier Blinds

    • CB Duorol Blinds
      When something's cheap it doesn't necessarily mean its good value for money.
      Our CB Premier brand may cost a little more, but you'll find the best quality fabrics & timbers along with the very highest quality components so no nasty surprises.
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  • Louvolite

    • Louvolite Vision Blinds
      Louvolite is the premiere destination for the very best in stylish fabrics for window blinds. Recognised as a leading supplier of innovative and high quality window blinds products, Louvolite is proud to design and manufacture in the UK.
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