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INTU Blinds

The newest type of door and clip fit system. INTU blinds are ideal for conservatories, glazed doors and tilt and turn windows, they screw or clip fit neatly into the window bead so you can operate your window or door handles with ease.

An intelligent tension system prevents the blind from rattling against the glass when the door or window is opened or closed and allows up to 15 degrees of tilt of the window. The INTU venetian blind has no need for cords or wands, this is due to a discrete method of a tilting the slats, a tilter is built inside the top headrail and can be adjusted by hand or with a pole.

Option on CB INTU Bead-Fit & Perfect- Venetian Blinds

Every INTU & Perfect-Fit blind uses the same branded INTU/Perfect-fit hardware system, the only difference between the ranges and various brands we offer, is the fabric or slat collections. The hardware and blind system is the same

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