Nano / Tru-Fit / Neat-Fit Clip

Neat-Fit Clip Blinds

Our revolutionary clip 'n' fit system is designed to fit neatly inside the rubber seal of UPVc windows and doors, these child safe ‘tensioned’ blinds are not only fully child safe but versatile too.

There's no drilling or screwing required, simply clip 'n' fit in under a minute.

Nano and TruFit Blind Systems 

Both the Nano Roller blinds system and the Duette / Plisse TruFit systems are the perfect solution when INTU or Perfect-fit blinds are not suitable due to bead depths and profile shapes.

Both blind types are a full no drill or no screw blind systems and are secured by an extra strong sticking system direct to the glass.

Both systems are hand operated so completely cord free making them child and pet safe.