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CB Premier Perfect Fit Vision Day & Night Blinds

Siena Cream

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No driling required No drill
from £190.58
CB Premier Perfect Fit Vision Day & Night Blinds

Siena Cream

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  • PERFECT FIT VISION - bringing the impressively popular Vision blind to the Perfect Fit family.   

    The innovation continues to develop at Louvolite’s HQ and we’re really excited to announce Perfect Fit Vision Blinds are now available. A Perfect Fit blind is one of the most attractive and innovative window blinds available on the market today. The window blind fits neatly into a stylish frame that moves together with the windows and doors when you open and close them giving you the perfect combination of shade and ventilation.

    No drilling required

    Available in a huge range of fabrics, frame colours and designs to match your interior design scheme. There’s no drilling or screwing into your window frames, which is great for a quick and clean installation. Reduced gaps at the edge of the blinds because of the frame reduces light coming around the fabric and increases your privacy. They’re also incredibly child safe because there’s no loose operating cords or loops. It leaves window sills clutter free. The blinds are also easily removable for cleaning purposes.


  • Product Specification

    Vision blinds have been around for several years and are one of the most innovative products on the market. Featuring two layers of striped fabric, one translucent and the other a horizontal block of textured fabric. Combine the two to create a striking modern feel. Now our made to measure collection of Perfect Fit Vision Blinds offers you a fantastic range of fabrics and colours to help you to create your statement look. 

    Perfect-Fit Vision Blinds are innovative blinds for uPVC windows and doors. Fitting neatly into a stylish frame which moves with windows and doors when they are open and closed. Combining striking Vision fabric with the functionality and practicality of a Perfect Fit product offer a unique shading solution. Available as chain control or motorised. At the touch of a button up to 15 blinds can be opened or closed at once.


    Fabric Specification

    Blackout Efficiency
    5 / 5 -
    1. Sheer / Voile

    Softens the light coming through & offers a diffused view outside

    2. Semi-Transparent

    A little heavier than a voile, gives light and an element of daytime privacy

    3. Translucent

    Allows light to pass through the fabric but retains privacy

    4. Dim-Out

    Blocks most of the light but not 100%

    5. Blackout

    No light penetrates the fabric

    Flame Retardant, Blackout, Day & Night

    100% Polyester While the solid fabric is blackout mixed with the voile even when closed a dim-out ( not blackout ) effect is achieved

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Measuring Guide

Measuring for Perfect Fit

How to get your bead depth

How to get your bead depth

The Bead Depth is the distance from the glass to the outer frame, typically a minimum of 11mm to a maximum of 27mm.

To measure this, simply place a ruler over the corner of the frame and use a metal tape measure. Alternatively you can use a depth gauge (TP487) to take this measurement.