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Luxaflex INTU Roller Blinds

7365 Palmer

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No driling required No drill
from £178.60
Luxaflex INTU Roller Blinds

7365 Palmer

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    LUXAFLEX® Simple fit Roller (INTU) is a method of fitting the Luxaflex® Roller Blind to the window or door without the need to screw holes into the frame.

    Brackets fit behind the glazing bead of the window and are supported by discreet side channels.

    To operate the blind, unlock the bottom bar by simply tilting it, and then pull the bar up or down as required. It can then be relocked in any position by tilting back.
    You can choose optimal privacy or just transparency and beautifully filtered daylight with Luxaflex® Roller Blinds.

    Your Luxaflex® window blind is always completely tailored to your needs and fully bespoke.  Luxaflex® also include their five year warranty so you have carefree enjoyment of your blinds.

  • Fabric Specification

    Blackout Efficiency
    3 / 5 -
    1. Sheer / Voile

    Softens the light coming through & offers a diffused view outside

    2. Semi-Transparent

    A little heavier than a voile, gives light and an element of daytime privacy

    3. Translucent

    Allows light to pass through the fabric but retains privacy

    4. Dim-Out

    Blocks most of the light but not 100%

    5. Blackout

    No light penetrates the fabric

    100% Polyester Clean with a damp sponge Suitable for humid rooms Covered bottom bar possible Decorative bottom bar possible OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified This fabric cannot be turned

  • Guides

Measuring Guide

Measuring for INTU

How to get your bead depth

How to get your bead depth

The Bead Depth is the distance from the glass to the outer frame, typically a minimum of 11mm to a maximum of 27mm.

To measure this, simply place a ruler over the corner of the frame and use a metal tape measure. Alternatively you can use a depth gauge (TP487) to take this measurement.