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Luxaflex Twist Blinds

8230 Louvar Fern

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from £181.60
Luxaflex Twist Blinds

8230 Louvar Fern

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  • What is Twist?  Two sliding layers of fabric with sheer horizontal strips.  It's an amazingly simple and effective method for choosing just the right amount of incoming light and privacy.
    The level of transparency and incoming light can easily be adjusted using the metal chain control. You can also raise the blind completely.

    Luxaflex Twist are fully bespoke and some fabrics go as wide as 2.75 meters, great for large windows.

    Particularly luxurious

    Create a sense of refined luxury with voile's, silky fabrics and canvases with beautiful woven metallic threads for an exclusive look.

    Surprisingly a lot of privacy, ambiance and controlled daylight. Twist blinds offer the ideal balance between decoration and functionality. Slide the alternating transparent and non-transparent fabrics across each other, you can then vary the view and privacy.

  • Product Specification

    We have set the 'Blackout Efficiency' to 2 as all the fabrics in this range have a voile/mesh stripe allowing a view through the blind.  The denser 'stripes' move apart to obscure the view.

    Some fabrics when closed offer a higher level of privacy and light blockage than others.

    Fabric Specification

    Blackout Efficiency
    2 / 4 -
    1. Sheer / Voile

    Softens the light coming through & offers a diffused view outside

    2. Semi-Transparent

    A little heavier than a voile, gives light and an element of daytime privacy

    3. Translucent

    Allows light to pass through the fabric but retains privacy

    4. Blackout

    No light penetrates the fabric

    Day & Night

    Louvar 100% Polyester Tall leaf design with an all over design is also printed on the sheer band Staggered pattern with a hand painted watercolour look Creates a very interesting look The Louvar design is also available in the Luxaflex Roller Blind Collection

  • Guides

Measuring Guide

Measuring for inside a Recess

First ensure that the recess your blind is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely. Look out for protruding tiles, pipes, skirting boards etc.

Measure at the top, middle and bottom of the window recess and note down the smallest measurements to the nearest millimetre, this is the recess size.

We will make your blind smaller to fit into the recess.

There is no need for you to make any adjustments we do this in production this is called recess size

Your blind will arrive about 3-5mm smaller, so it hangs freely and fits perfect within the recess

Measuring for inside a recess
Measuring for outside a recess or exact

Measuring for outside a recess or Exact

Decide how much you want to overlap the blind on all sides - we recommend this should be at least 50mm (2 inches) each side in most instances, or the exact size you want the blind to be, if fitting inside a recess

Carefully measure the at the top, middle and bottom for the width and the left, right and middle for the drop

Remember on most blinds the fabric will be less than the overall width of the blind ordered. You should allow for this when measuring outside a recess.

We will make your blind to your exact sizes. The product in its brackets is supplied exactly to the size that has been ordered. this is called exact size Subject to the normal manufactures working +/- tolerances

Whether measuring for a recess or exact please remember the fabric will always be narrower than the overall blind size to allow for components such as side controls and brackets.
This varies depending on the product, Roller blinds for example have a fabric width 30-34mmn less than the overall blind size.
Contact us if you require clarification regarding your chosen product.

Measuring for Bay Window

Determine the depth of the blinds you are mounting and use this for the width of your cardboard: Contact us for Blind depths.

Cut two pieces of cardboard (depth determined from 1 above) wide by 30cm (12") long.
Important: If spacer blocks or extension brackets will be used for extra clearance on outside mounts, add the amount of extra clearance to the width dimension of the cardboard before measuring.

Place the strips in the left angle first, and bring them together until the front corners of the cardboard meet. Mark points "A" and "B".

Repeat this step for the right side angle, marking points "C" and "D".

Measure between points "B" and "C" to obtain the width measurement of the center blind.

Measure from point "A" outward to the desired width to obtain the width measurement of the left blind.

Measure from point "D" outward to the desired width to obtain the width measurement of the right blind.

Deduct about 5mm from each of your measurements to allow for clearance, and order Exact

Measuring for bay window Measuring for bay window diagram