Luxaflex Duette Model Types

Standard Model (110) Blind stacks at the top and drops to the bottom


Model 3242 top down bottom up model (previously called Model 124)

This simple to install hand operated model is supplied with small fixing plates which are fitted to the 4 sides of the window corners (as image below)
This model has no fixed head or bottom rails, as both move up or down.


The blind is operated by hand only - blinds over 1280mm wide will be supplied with 2 handles

MAX WIDTH 1700mm - MAX DROP 2300mm     MIN WIDTH 300mm  - Min DROP 100mm


Model 120 top down bottom up model 

A fixed headrail at the top, controlled by either Smartcord or Lite-Rise 


Model 130 Night & Day option is 2 fabrics made in to 1 single blind.

The most popular mix is a translucent fabric together with a black-out fabric.

The cost is the price of both blinds at your windows full size, plus any control surcharge x2

To order online, select this option 'Night & Day 130'  on both blinds, we will do the rest.