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Blinds for Bifold Doors

When ordering blinds for Bifold doors, be sure to check when the doors are folded back open there is a sufficient clearance/gap between the doors.

The gap between the 2 doors must be double +5-10mm the widest point/depth/projection of the blind, otherwise the doors will not fold back to a open position.
e.g for perfect-fit roller blinds 2 x 60mm + 5mm = 125mm gap needed.

Blind Depths at their widest point (per blind)

Model 3242
Luxaflex 25mm Duette Model 3242 Top-down bottom-up model

If your gap is small and none of the above work, perhaps look at installing a cassetted blind in the recess as the image below.

Cassetted blind in a reccess

Cassetted blind in a reccess alternative

Or even the new Allusion System shown below which can be motorised and cord free.
Allusion system