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Louvolite Perfect-Fit Shutter

  • What are Perfect Fit Shutters?

    Perfect Fit Shutters use the same proven technology as Perfect Fit Blinds by simply clipping directly onto your window frames.

    • Simple to measure
    • Faster lead time (weeks rather than months)
    • Easy to install yourself
    • Cheaper than traditional plantation shutters
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
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    Delivered in 5-7 working days.
  • Product Spec Download 

    Minimum Glass Size = 154mm wide - 229mm high 

    The number of panels supplied
    Glass Size over 750mm will have split panels that sit side by side. 
    We will always supply the minimum number of panels required for the total space. 
    Glass Size 750mm = 1 Panel - Glass Size 751-1500mm = 2 Panels Glass Size 1501- 2250 = 3 Panels 
    The louvers for each panel will operate independently.


    What are the benefits of Perfect Fit Shutters?

    With Perfect Fit Shutters there is no need for drilling and screwing. Just clip onto your window frames with no outer framing needed.

    How do Perfect Fit Shutters differ from traditional window shutters?

    Standard window shutters would usually need a pre-fit survey and installation by a professional fitter. With Perfect Fit Shutters this is not required saving you around 40% of the cost.

    How do Perfect Fit Shutters look?

    Externally Perfect Fit Shutters give the classic look of standard window shutters. Internally Perfect Fit Shutters are slim-line and compact compared to traditional shutter products.

    What other benefits do Perfect Fit Shutters provide?

    As Perfect Fit Shutters clip onto the window frame this leaves your window sills free. Perfect Fit Shutters move with your opening window. Traditionally you would need to open the framed shutter when opening the window.

    The shutter louvres can be tilted to any angle. Closed to block out the light and giving you privacy. Tilted allowing daylight in.

    What are the advantages of Perfect Fit Shutters?

    Some of the main benefits of perfect fit shutters include –

    • Easy installation – A big benefit of perfect fit shutters and why many people opt for them is how easy they are to install. All you have to do to install them is measure your windows, install the bracket, and then fit them. This is much easier than installing traditional shutters, where you have to drill into the walls in order to fit them.
    • Safety – If you have children, then safety is always going to be a big concern. Perfect fit shutters are excellent in this regard since they’re completely child safe. Unlike other types of shutters, there are no cords or strings that can come with the risk of strangulation. To open and close perfect fit shutters, you simply tilt them until you get the light level you desire.
    • No damage to fixtures – Another big benefit of perfect fit shutters is that they don’t cause any damage to your fixtures. There’s no drilling or screws required with perfect fit shutters, which makes them an excellent choice if you rent your property and don’t want to cause any structural damage.
    • Full control over light levels – As you can see in the picture below, perfect fit shutters give you full control over the level of light in the room. You can easily adjust them so you can get exactly the level of light you want. This is particularly useful in the summer when you might want to block out strong sunlight while still making sure the room is well lit.
    • Custom manufactured – Perfect fit shutters can also be custom manufactured to any size, so no matter how small or large your windows might be, you can still benefit from them.
    • Durable – Durability is always important with shutters and perfect fit shutters are made from durable poly-silk vinyl, so not only do they withstand daily use but they also look great.

    Are perfect fit shutters suitable for my house?

    Perfect fit shutters are ideal for use in many different types of houses. You can use them in regular rooms as well as conservatories. As long as you have modern, uPVC or aluminon style windows where you can fit the brackets and install the shutters, they would make a great choice.

    How do you install Perfect Fit Shutters?

    One of the main benefits of perfect fit shutters is how easy they are to install. You don’t need to hire anyone to fit them for you since they’re designed to be easy to install. To fit them, you simply take the following steps –

    • Measure your windows – The first step when installing perfect fit shutters is to measure your windows. You should start by measuring them across at the top, middle, and bottom and then measure the length. This will let you know exactly how big the shutters need to be to match your window frames.
    • Install the brackets – After you’ve measured the windows, you should then install the brackets that the shutters fit onto. Fitting the brackets is very easy; they simply clip into the seal of your windows. You can use a credit/debit card to help you judge how much distance you should leave from the frames when fitting them.
    • Install the frame – Once the brackets are in place, you can then put the frame onto them. The frame should sit flush against the frame of your windows. Make sure it’s properly secure before you attempt to fix the shutters to it.
    • Fit the shutters – The final stage is to fit the shutters. This is a very easy process and is just a case of lining up the shutters with the hinges that are on the frame. Make sure the shutters are securely fitted and be sure to test the tilt bar works properly. It’s the same process for all windows where you plan to use perfect fit shutters and should only take a matter of minutes to get them all installed.
  • Measuring guide

    View measuring guide

    Fitting guide


Measuring Guide

Just measure the total visible Glass 

On a glass Size over 750mm, you will have split panels that sit side by side. 
We will always supply the minimum number of panels required for the total space. 
Glass Size 750mm = 1 Panel - 
Glass Size 750-1500mm = 2 Panels 
Glass Size 1501- 2250 = 3 Panels 
The louvers for each panel will operate independently.



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