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Tru-Stick Cellular VS2

  • A screw and clip-free system that is fixed directly to the glass.
    This means the product is suitable for windows with any bead shade or depth.

    The Cellular fabric is made with a Top-down Bottom-up operation as default.

    Delivered in 2-3 weeks.
  • The product is stuck direct to the glass, so removes the need for any screwing or clipping of brackets behind the bead.

    The product is 38mm deep from the glass ( excluding handles that can be removed ) 

    The side channels are 22mm wide and available in white or anthracite to match the blind rails 

    The side channels are supplied 15mm less than the glass size, the gap is then filled by the blind bracket clips.

  • Measuring guide

    View measuring guide

    Fitting guide

    Fitting Guide here

    The profiles are 15mm less than the glass size, so when fitting space the profiles evenly, the gaps are then covered by the blind clips 


Measuring Guide

Measuring is really simple,   just provide the visible glass size, excluding any rubber seal.



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