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Ostrich Feather Dusters

Ostrich Feather Dusters are designed for dusting naturally. Say good-bye to aerosols and chemicals that pollute the environment, and hello to dusting a natural way. Ostrich Feather Dusters are the most versatile duster in the world, which is why they are used by millions in the home and in business.

They are fast and effective way of cleaning All types of Venetian Blinds including Wooden blinds 

With a plume of millions of separate, wispy filaments they collect the dust rather than just move it about, without leaving an electrostatic charge. To release trapped dust, a quick shake is all it takes. The feathers can be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and air dried. Under normal use, our Ostrich Feather Dusters will last for years, making them exceptional value.

Ostrich Feather Dusters

Ostrich Feather Dusters from CrosbyBlinds were featured on the BBC's "Perfect Housewife" with Anthea Turner.

Ostrich Feather Dusters completely transform the job of dusting venetian blinds to a quick and effortless job. Ostrich Feather Dusters are gentle, non-scratching and are ideal for cleaning many household items, such as plants and ornaments - not just blinds !