Blinds for Bifold Doors

Bifold Door Blinds

When ordering blinds for Bifold doors, be sure to check when the doors are folded back open there is a sufficient clearance/gap between the doors.

The gap between the 2 doors must be double +5-10mm the widest point/depth/projection of the blind, otherwise the doors will not fold back closed.

e.g for perfect-fit roller blinds 2 x 60mm + 5mm = 125mm gap needed


Blind Depths at there widest point ( per blind )

Perfect-fit Roller Blinds - from the frame 60mm

Perfect-fit Pleated or Celluar 42mm

Perfect-fit Venetian 22mm

INTU Roller 42mm

INTU Venetian  30mm

INTU Pleated or Celluar 30mm

Luxaflex 25mm Tru-fit = From the Glass to the handle 45mm 

Neat-Fit Clip - Pleated and Honeycomb - 23mm ( 38mm to protruding handle )

Neat-Fit Clip Venetian - 30mm  (40mm to wand control which can be on the right or left )

Luxaflex 25mm Duette Model 3242 Top-down bottom-up model Model WITH NO HANDELS- each blind is just 25mm deep from the glass (image below)



If your gap is small and none of the above work, perhaps look at installing a cassetted blind in the recess as the image below